Wild Fishing Tours in Scotland

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Imagine the kaleidoscope of landscapes in Scotland, of isolated Highland glens, tranquil lochs, steep mountains, crystal clear brooks, heather cloaked hills and peat rivers that are amber-tinted. Just envision huge spaces and an instant wilderness!

Then, think of the abundance of wildlife believed to prowl within; magnificent ospreys, wild red deer, red squirrels, shy otters, and the rare pine marten. Encircled by this overabundance of wildlife, in the middle of such tranquility and peace; in mountain panorama that is so stunning, and with the addition of  random historical castles offering a dramatic background, what more can you wish for?  A luxury private tour of Scotland’s best wild fishing rivers is a must for the avid fishing fan.

The answer is a top class ghillie and a fishing tackle!


Fishing Tours Of Scotland

Fishing in Scotland

Scotland offers remarkable scenery and abundance of rivers. This country has some of the ideal and most thrilling fishing in Europe. The fishing heritage in Scotland has led to the formation of a unique breed of ghillies. Their knowledge and skill are passed down from one generation to another.

Scotland is blessed with a fantastic number of ‘lochans’ and lochs; more than 30,000 of them and about 21,700 miles of rivers. They are situated among some of the loveliest and most unspoiled features today in the United Kingdom. With plenty of trout, salmon, Arctic char, grayling, and coarse fish and commercially stocked waters, you can be assured that this characterizes some of the most magnificent sea, and freshwater angling on offer anywhere.

Because of its big range of species, Scotland provides fishing throughout the year. It is enjoyable when accompanied by a ghille (an essential ingredient). The ghille will recognize the ideal and most prolific beats comfortably and is very likely gifted with a great sense of humor and full of many funny stories.

Loch fishing

The Rivers to explore in Scotland

The ‘Big Four’ – Tay, Tweed, Spey and Dee are the key rivers in Scotland, and they are worth talking about. The Tweed describes an awesome Atlantic ‘autumn’ salmon river; however, it is also great for sea and brown trout fishing.

The Tay presents the biggest salmon rivers in Scotland at 120 miles long. The Dee is famous because of its excellent sea trout fishing, especially during June and July. The Spey is likely the most famous salmon river worldwide and superb for brown trout also.

But, in addition to these breathtaking rivers, there are some unique and little-fished secret ‘gems’ which are very exclusive; lochs that are predictable as well as fruitful, but hard to locate without help.

Luxury Scotland provides help, and so do some of the finest hotels in Scotland, whose location is ideal. They ensure that a day’s fishing is tailor-made to suit any person; from the most enthusiastic angler to the most unskilled novice. Here, non-fishing partners can immerse themselves into complete luxury, while their other half basks in peace as well as silence.

The Gleneagles Hotel

It is the three world-famous golf courses at The Gleneagles Hotel which dominate the limelight at this exceptional resort situated inside 850 acres of Perthshire countryside. It is only one hour drive from Glasgow and Edinburgh airports.

But, this unique hotel has reason to be proud of its fishing school and many other sporting activities as well as its golf facilities. The fishing school was founded eight years ago, and about 3,000 people pass there each year to use its impressive facilities. Last year, the school went through a significant rise in interest.

Presently, six different lochs (there will be more soon) are utilized to teach fly fishing and upcoming anglers from eight years of age to ‘no barrier at the top end,’ female and male can register for lessons throughout the year (all gear and rods provided).

Where corporate is concerned, the school can offer instruction to a maximum of 40 or 50 individuals simultaneously if necessary with a maximum of four individuals per ghillie. They do not just instruct but do entertaining also.

Regarding instructions, a person who lacks awareness or skills can master fly fishing basics in two hours. Because the locks are heavily packed with rainbow and brown trout it is extremely rare, that by evening, the fish are the only ones that are hooked.


Knockinaam Lodge

Knockinaam Lodge is different. Snuggling in its isolated cove on the coast of ancient Dumfries and Galloway in the southwest of Scotland, this classy nine-room hotel provides spectacular seascapes and splendid fishing. Great sized tope in the sea, brown trout in the burns, terrific coarse fish as well as trout in the lochs and incredible salmon fishing on the Bladnoch and Cree (two rivers famous for salmon) are outstanding features here.

The hotel can make arrangements for the three principal salmon rivers in the region or lessons for novices at two local lochs. It presents a fantastic sea fishing region of Scotland. When you fish here, you enjoy extreme quiet; therefore, the fish are many and its low flat rocks protruding in the sea, and deep water makes it simple for you to fish straight from the rocks or beach.

The hotel stores three or four spinning rods and gear for visitors and because of the tranquility here, it offers the best location for beginners who are shy. Meanwhile, serious anglers can use the local fishing boats. Also, you can catch small tuna and sharks off the Ireland coast, which is only 20 miles away.  The silence at Knockinaam Lodge is an effective way for you to take a break from everything.

Marcliffe Hotel & Spa

Marcliffe Hotel & Spa is found in the center of the castle and whiskey country of Scotland. It rests in mature wooded grounds, but it is just ten minutes from the Aberdeen center; the Balmoral Castle and Royal Deeside gateway. The area features royalty of almost 300 castles and five or six rivers for guests who enjoy fishing because they can access them effortlessly, and a whiskey trail also that has one co-operative and eight distilleries for malt whiskey.

When you fish here, you are guaranteed an intoxicating experience. Even though the Marcliffe Hotel does not have its own beat, its location is ideal for visitors who like fishing. They can make arrangements through agents for fishing on the River Dee, the Don and the Spey. Majority of beats are within fifteen miles; only one is four miles away.

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