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At Wild Fishing Scotland, the quality of our items is always the leading concern.

Whether the customer is a foodservice wholesaler, dining establishment operator or seller, we intend to supply the greatest quality fish just as our clients want them.

Our consumers and customers continue to place a concern on benefit, constant quality and food security, today also are working progressively hard to find the best in rate and service.

To meet these needs, we are putting additional effort into preserving a peak level of quality control within our plant, establishing new items in the market and taking actions to bring customer fulfillment to the greatest level.

Scotland’s cold, beautiful lakes and rivers hold an abundance of high-grade freshwater types– and Wild Fishing Scotland prides itself on supplying the world’s best wild-caught freshwater fish from the world’s biggest freshwater nation.

We provide high quality walleye, lake whitefish, northern pike, mullet and many other types to consumers all over the world while ensuring first-rate taste with every morsel.

Our items come fresh and frozen and in many size and part options. Pick any of our line of product to read more about their taste and your options!