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At Wild Fishing Scotland, we always believe that fish is only fish when fresh. Our products has a worldwide reach.  Wild Fishing Scotland is among the world’s biggest and most constant providers of wild-caught walleye, mullet, lake whitefish and northern pike.

We are world-renowned for the high quality and constant supply of our catch going back to 1969.

We purchase, procedure and market all freshwater fish captured for commercial sale.

Internally we use in excess of 150 fulltime production staff and contribute to our labor force throughout peak durations. Fish are acquired and graded by contracted representatives and business companies at more than 50 shipment points throughout the area.

Our fish originated from more than 1,700 fishers who gather from numerous lakes within the area– each catch determining up to our 5 points of distinction: our broad reach, quality, resources, taste and a dedication to variety set us apart.